Entry/Exit Procedures to minimize players contacts
1. Players arriving for their scheduled court time should not wait in the lobby. They should either wait in the second floor galleries or wait in their car. We should all try to keep the lobbies clear during the designated court exit time.
2. The desk staff will ring the bell 4 minutes prior to the end of the hour. Players are expected to exit the court by walking down the center of courts, out the court door and then exit the lobby before the top of the hour. The desk staff will ring the bell a second time at the top of the hour signaling the incoming players that they are now clear to enter the courts.
3. Occasions will arise when not all courts are exiting on the hour. Exiting players will still exit via the center of the courts and active players will pause to let them cross over. Players exiting on the half hour will hear the bell at 26 minutes after.
4. Incoming players for all courts will turn left at the court door and enter their individual courts from the West Side (closer to Dover Downs) Curtains. 
5. Masks are to be worn during the Entry/Exit procedure and then may be removed during your scheduled play.
6. Desk staff cannot see the court visible clock therefore the clock at the front desk is the official clock for these procedures. We will try to keep the two clocks synched as best we can.
7. Court door and gallery door will be kept open during business hours to minimize doorknob contacts. This will make for a slightly noisier environment so please be considerate. Hand sanitizer stations will be mounted near the court door and the gallery door.